The Story Behind Well-Loved Ajinomoto Products

Nov 15, 2021

Over the years, Ajinomoto has launched several cooking products to provide various ways of enhancing various dishes. Each item is conceptualized and made to improve the cooking experience so that all the food prepared is delicious and healthy.

All these products are featured in the Ajinomoto virtual tour to impart information to consumers and aspiring food professionals on what each product is for and how it can benefit one’s cooking. If you want to know more about them, read up on the background of each product below.


AJI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning


The AJI-NO-MOTO® UMAMI SEASONING is a monosodium glutamate (MSG) seasoning made from sugarcane, cassava, and tapioca. Since its discovery in 1908, the product has been sold in over 130 countries - including the Philippines. It was first introduced in the country in the 50s, and ever since, it has been part of every Filipino’s consciousness with its iconic tagline: “Tak, tak, tak.” Because of its umami taste, AJI-NO-MOTO® UMAMI SEASONING enhances the flavor of every dish, making it a popular cooking must-have for home cooks everywhere.


Because of the popularity of the gisa method of cooking, Ajinomoto launched the AJINOMOTO® BRAND GINISA FLAVOR SEASONING MIX in 1991 to aid in the cooking of ginisang ulam. As one of the leading flavor seasoning brands available, Aji-Ginisa®️ provides a meatier, stir-fried flavor that’s sure to improve various ginisang recipes.




CRISPY FRY® BREADING MIX was made due to the popularity of crispy fried chicken among Filipinos. Since its launch in 2004, it has become the current leading breading mix brand available. The product comes in original, garlic, and spicy flavors to ensure a variety of flavors is offered based on each Filipino’s preference. Other products under the CRISPY FRY® name are the CRISPY FRY® Batter Mix, CRISPY FRY® Seasoned Crumbs®, and Crispy Fry® Fish Breading Mix.


For an affordable breading mix with the same delicious quality, there’s TASTY BOY® All Purpose Breading Mix! Much like CRISPY FRY®, this also comes in original, garlic, and spicy flavors and can be used to make fried food even crispier. TASTY BOY® also has its own Fish Breading Mix for crispier fried fish.




The SARSAYA® product line offers three items: SARSAYA® OYSTER SAUCE, , and SARSAYA® Liquid Seasoning.

SARSAYA® OYSTER SAUCE is the perfect cherry on top of stir-fried dishes due to its sweet, savory, and salty blend of flavors from the real oyster extract and spices. SARSAYA® SWEET AND SOUR SAUCE boasts a great combination of pineapple and tomato flavor, giving it that iconic sweet and sour blend ideal for dipping sauce. And lastly, SARSAYA® Liquid Seasoning is a great flavorful addition to any meal, whether as a seasoning or as a savory dip.


To elevate and add meaty flavors to your dish, use the PORKSAVOR® ALL-IN-ONE SEASONING MIX! Because it’s made from real pork extract and spices, you still get the signature meaty taste in every dish you season. It’s a great flavor additive for vegetable dishes if your child is not too keen on the taste of veggies.




If you want your dishes to always have the right balance of flavor, use the AJINOMOTO AJI-SHIO® SEASONING MIX to your meals! Aside from the garlic variant, there is also a pepper variant. Most consumers use this to maintain consistency in the way their dishes are served in order to achieve the desired flavor of their dishes every time they cook them.

Ajinomoto offers a lot more seasoning products to improve the taste of every meal. By using these specially-made products, your food is sure to be richer and more flavorful. To know more about these products and how you can use them in various recipes, take the Ajinomoto educational virtual tour to get started!