How the Ajinomoto Virtual Tour Was Conceived

Nov 30, 2021

Since its launch earlier this year, the Be More Ajinomoto virtual tour has been a convenient way for students, educators, and professionals alike to know about Ajinomoto’s factory processes. By providing a remote educational tour, Ajinomoto can impart important information about food processes, cooking, and sustainability without the need for face-to-face meetings.

But how did the concept of the virtual tour come to be? Read up on it below.



Contrary to what people may think, the concept of a virtual tour was conceived before the pandemic began. Prior to this, the tours were done at the AJINOMOTO PHILIPPINES FLAVOR FOOD INC. (APF) Factory in Bulacan and Cebu. Aiming to improve and make it more enjoyable and far-reaching, the idea for Be More virtual tour was born. Now that the tour has gone virtual, more people can learn about Ajinomoto’s day-to-day processes, initiatives, and values without leaving the comfort of their homes.


As a virtual tour, Ajinomoto’s Be More website aims to share everything about Ajinomoto, from our operations to our corporate culture, to more people around the Philippines. Before the pandemic, the factory wasn’t accessible to those living far away from Bulacan and Cebu. Now? Anyone in the country can take the tour in just a few clicks. It feels like you’re in the actual factory with the 360 video presentations coupled with a comprehensive yet easy-to-digest narration from the virtual tour guide.

More than just reaching people far away, the Be More virtual tour is Ajinomoto’s way of connecting with its loyal and potential consumers. Though this is a pre-pandemic project, Ajinomoto came at the right time now that everyone is encouraged to stay at home. With the Be More website, one can take the tour while still enjoying the relative safety of their houses.


In the virtual tour, AjiPanda® acts as a tour guide and will take you through the comprehensive but easy-to-understand presentation that is divided into five sections to ensure each topic is discussed adequately.

  • Supermarket - As the first part of the tour, this is where you’ll learn about various Ajinomoto products. The history of the brand is narrated to give context to what Ajinomoto stands for.
  • Factory - Take time to explore inside Ajinomoto’s factory and see Ajinomoto’s step-by-step process in creating iconic products such as AJI-NO-MOTO Umami Seasoning and SARSAYA® OYSTER SAUCE. Aside from this, our safety protocols show how we assure the staff and the consumers’ safety. You can also learn about Ajinomoto’s sustainability methods applied in the factory.
  • Cooking Plaza - This section is perfect for both starting and experienced home cooks. The cooking plaza features the 5Ms of a great meal: Malinis, Masustansya, Masarap, Matipid, at Madaling Gawin. One can learn great recipes, receive cooking tips, and play fun games in this section.
  • Office - The office section of the tour features Ajinomoto’s corporate values and the principles we follow for a better and more organized workplace. Visitors can learn the 5S organization method - Sort, Shine, Set, Standardize, and Sustain - and apply it to their own.
  • Community - Lastly, the community section discusses Ajinomoto’s commitment to sustainability. Its goal is to educate the visitors in leading a sustainable lifestyle through applying proper waste management and environment-friendly practices.

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy an educational tour online with Be More. Creating an account for the tour is easy, so get started now!