About the Ajinomoto Virtual Experience: Be More

The Ajinomoto Virtual Experience: Be More is an interactive journey made available for free for everybody to enjoy. Watch this short trailer to find out more about our virtual tour.


For years, AJINOMOTO PHILIPPINES CORPORATION Group (APC Group) offered onsite factory tours in Bulacan and Cebu. This live site replicates these educational tours by showcasing APC Group's factory and facilities in 360 video presentations as an avenue for interactive learning. This virtual space is also packed with kitchen tips and games that everybody will enjoy.

Be More

The virtual tour is entitled "Be More" to express APC Group's commitment to its virtual guests to educate about food safety and sanitation and proper nutrition, as well as to share its advocacy on environmental sustainability. The goal of this virtual experience is to enjoin everyone to 'BE MORE' responsible and productive citizens of our country.

Virtual Community

The Ajinomoto Virtual Experience: Be More takes visitors to an online tour of its virtual community: Supermarket, Factory, Office or Cooking Plaza, and Community. Digital certificate of completion awaits tour finisher.

A Trip Down Grocery Lane

The Supermarket is the first virtual station. This is where visitors can learn more about Ajinomoto's products such as CRISPY FRY: Breading Mix, AJI-GINISA: Flavor Seasoning Mix, and the company's flagship brand, AJI-NO-MOTO: Umami Seasoning.

Aside from an array of products, the area also features APC's old advertisements that take visitors as far back as the 1970s.

From Farm To Kitchen

After the informational and nostalgic trip, the next stop is the Factory which shows how APC's products are made. Since this is an online tour with no physical logistical restrictions, participants can also view the farm where raw materials are harvested. From there, visitors are bound to a detailed tour of the factory where aspiring food innovators can learn about topnotch methods and technologies that keep food safe and of quality.

5S and 5M

Finishing the Factory tour leads guests to a choice between the Office or the Cooking Plaza. For students, a 360° tour of the Ajinomoto Office will allow them to learn the 5S organization method: Sort, Shine, Set, Standardize, and Sustain: which is widely implemented within the company. On the other hand, the Cooking Plaza features an interactive kitchen where homemakers can learn about basic cooking methods and the 5Ms of a great meal: Malinis, Masustansya, Masarap, Matipid, at Madaling Gawin: and apply them by virtually cooking pinoy dishes, playing games, and answering quizzes.

Towards a More Sustainable Future

The Ajinomoto Virtual Experience: Be More ends with a message for the future. The last station, Community, features Ajinomoto's environment education campaign that aims to aid consumers to slowly incorporate sustainable practices into their daily lives.